The future schools are now adapting to a more progressive way of teaching where experiential learning plays a major role. WOL3D brings in 3D Printing as a tool to integrate and enhance subject learning and also add on a skill of the future which will lead the next technological revolution. WOL3D has integrated this with the boards of schools and have developed a progressive curriculum. School going kids have a highly intuitive mind which can be molded like clay in any desired shape. It is this stage that marks the onset of creativity and innovative spirit. Kids never analyze things, they just do them. 3D printing provides them with an insight to think beyond all boundaries of imagination. It liberates them to create something unique, without judgment. They can 3D print the objects that they can imagine and decide its feasibility on their own, without having an adult to tell them if they’re being unrealistic. This promotes healthy and educative learning. Also, 3D printing in school enables access to desired samples and segments that ensure students better understanding of their subjects. Now it’s time to overturn conventional methods with novel opportunities. And 3D printing looks like the most feasible solution to it.


  • Provide a workshop to the school students for their orientation.
  • Setup the Design-Technology lecture for the students by upgrading their existing computer labs.
  • We start with weekly classes where our curriculum aligned with the school boards are run.
  • We conduct sessions in school which covers the concept of 3D Pen, Introduction to 3d Printing and 3d designing.

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