PET-G Filaments

  • Strength: High
  • Flexi: Medium
  • Durability:  High
  • Ease of use: High
  • Print Temperature:220°C-250°C
  • Bed Temperature:50°C -75°C
  • Shrinkage Warping: Minimal
  • Diameter:-1.75mm
  • Applications: mech & print parts protective compo

Buy PET-G Filaments Online

All filaments are 1Kg, 1.75mm diameter

PET-G filaments, also known as polyethene terephthalate glycol-modified filaments, are used widely in 3D printing work. The PET-G filament is a popular 3D printer filament that beats other filaments in durability, strength and ease of usage. The filament offers the best traits of PLA and ABS filaments while keeping the downsides of the two well-known filaments at bay. This is one big reason the PET-G filaments are gaining popularity among people at such a high rate and if you are looking to buy PET-G filaments online WOL3D has got you covered.


We offer the most diverse range of PET-G filaments that come loaded with all the desirable qualities that customers look forward to finding in a fine filament. When you buy PET-G filaments online from our store you can be sure of getting quality and variety in plenty. Our huge stock of PET-G filaments offers you seven colours to select from including black, red, blue, yellow, orange, transparent and natural shade. The filament packs measure 1.75mm in diameter and 1 kg in weight. All the packs are uniform in design, quality and specification. You can pick any pack depending on your requirement and get ahead with your 3D printing project.

The PET-G filaments are useful for a variety of projects courtesy their ease of use which makes them a hot favourite of everyone. It is widely used in mechanical parts, printer parts and protective components. The only thing that needs to be taken care of is the storage of the filament as it absorbs moisture from the air very easily. If you are careful enough to store the filament in a dry place, you can be sure of using it in the most perfect fashion and creating the best 3D printing models and products that will make you proud of your work.
So, do not bother about finding the right store to buy PET-G filaments online. All you have to do is log in to our store and lay your hands on premium quality filaments. Just browse through the packs and colours, pick your shade and place the order. We will deliver your pack at your doorsteps on time. WOL3D is your one-stop destination to buy best quality filaments at pocket-friendly prices. We understand your requirements and offer the best stuff so that you may have a pleasant printing experience as you go about exploring the new frontiers of the 3D printing world.


PET G Transparent


PET G Black


PET G Pink



PET G Natural


PET G Blue


PET G Yellow


PET G Orange


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