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The handheld 3D scanner from WOL3D comes across as an ideal partner for your 3D printer that will make printing even more perfect. This iSense 3D scanner is bursting with best features that will make printing so much enjoyable and easier that you will be truly impressed. Lightweight and compact, it has dimensions of4.7(w) x 1.14(h) x 1.1(d) inches or 11.92(w) x 2.9(h) x 2.79(d) cm and weighs 99.2 grams. It can scan volume starting from a minimum of 0.2m x 0.2m x 0.2m to a maximum of 3m x 3m x 3m. The operating range starts from 0.40m and ends at 3.5m.

This handheld 3D scanner supports the operating systems iOS 7, iOS 8, and iOS 9 and all iPad 4th generation devices. It has a wide field of view with a horizontal view of 58 degrees and a vertical view of 45 degrees. The spatial x/y resolution stands at 0.5m and depth resolution @ 0.5m while the maximal image throughput is 30 fps. It has a battery life of 3-4 hours for active scanning with 1000+hours of standby. This handheld 3D scanner is a total delight and you need not worry about scanning your models anymore as it will give you a superb scanning facility.

Best Handheld 3D Scanner in India

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Why you should buy handheld 3D Scanner in India

3D printing is on the rise in India and the number of users is only moving up with each passing day. The handheld 3D scanner is an important device that makes 3D printing even more flawless and refined. So, WOL-3D brings for you a smart new-age handheld 3D scanner, the iSense3D scanner that has all the properties to make scanning a smooth sail. This compact and smart scanner covers all the iPad 4th generation devices and can scan anything with a volume between 0.2m x 0.2m x 0.2m to 3m x 3m x 3m.

It is very easy to handle and you can operate it without any difficulty as it comes packed with a powerful battery providing a backup of 3-4 hours. It is very convenient to use and you can generate 3D models in a seamless manner. It is suitable for all types of professionals and can be used in different industries for creating a wide array of models. This handheld 3D scanner in India is everything that you have been looking forward to finding in an ideal device and the best part is that it gives you all of this without burning a hole in your pocket.

Uses of Handheld 3D Scanner

The handheld 3D scanner is a fitting accompaniment for all 3D printing tasks in various fields. Possessing advanced features and the best of technology, it is suitable for all kinds of projects that require 3D modelling. The scanner can be used in the field of medicine, engineering, architecture, robotics, automation, manufacturing, art, fashion and many more. It can be used to create precise and flawless 3D models of different styles, shapes and sizes in the most effortless manner. This best handheld 3D scanner in india from WOL-3D, the iSense3D scanner is compatible to be used in every field where 3D printing is used and thus, is a must-have for the users.

Over the years, 3D printing devices including scanners have undergone numerous improvements and it has made the scanner even more relevant and useful. Now, it is being used extensively and even those professionals and small-time businesses that could not afford it are able to do so. And, with the iSense3D scanner from WOL-3D, you can use it for something as simple as an academic project to something as meticulous as manufacturing medical devices. This best handheld 3D scanner is relevant across industries and professions.

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