• Strength: High
  • Durability: High
  • Flexi: High
  • Ease of use: Medium
  • Print Temperature:240°C-260°C
  • Bed Temperature:70°C -100°C
  • Diameter:-1.75mm & 2.85 mm
  • Shrinkage Warping: Considerable
  • Applications: tools , prototy,mech parts gears

What are the uses?

Nylon, a popular family of synthetic polymers used in many industrial applications, is the heavyweight champion of the 3D printing world. Taking advantage of nylon’s strength, flexibility, and durability use this 3D printer filament to create toolsfunctional prototypes, or mechanical parts (like hinges, buckles, or gears).

Nylon Filaments

All filaments are 1Kg, 1.75mm diameter.

Basic Colors

Nylon Black Filament


Nylon White Filament


Nylon Natural Filament