Flashforge PLA Matt range by FlashForge provides matte appearance of printed object and low gloss.

Printing parameters are similar to that of common PLA materials(200-210℃ for printing and 50℃ for platform). Compatible to all Flashforge printers.

New-upgraded Formulation. Anti-moisture ingredients. Stored For a longer time

  • Minimize filament problems such as warping, curling and bubbles during printing.
  • The anti-moisture ingredients for longer storage time without loss of quality.
  • Purest-grade material and manufactured in the dust-free workshop
  • Preventing nozzle jams.
  • Dimensional accuracy within +/- 0.02mm.
  • High quality Matte PLA filament with no glossy plastic look.
  • Matte PLA saves you time on post-processing.
  • Easy to print with less stringing.No layer texture after printing
  • Unique Matte finish,the surface of the prints is matte.
  • The adhesion between layers will be lower than that of ordinary PLA.

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