Flashforge Inventor 2

Sophisticated Desktop FlashForge Inventor 2 3D Printer
with Dual Extrusion, WiFi Connectivity
& On-board Camera

57,000.00 (Inclusive of 18% GST & Delivery)

Buy Best FlashForge Inventor 2 3D Printer in India

The FlashForge Inventor 2 3D Printer from WOL-3D is the ultimate 3D printing machine that makes printing a breeze for everyone. Brimming with advanced features and user-friendly operation, it is one of the best things 3D printer users will come across. The FlashForge Inventor 2 3D Printer is a sophisticated desktop printer with a lightweight yet strong body made of plastic alloy with hidden wires and no sharp edges that give the printer a fine look. With a build volume of 150 L X 140 W X 140 H mm and layer resolution of 50-400 microns, the printer utilizes fused filament fabrication as its printing technology. Safe, convenient and easy-to-use, this printer is equipped with all the ideal features users look forward to in a new-age 3D printer. The FlashForge Inventor 2 3D Printer has full color touch screen, 2nd generation Wi-Fi connection that enables stable file transmission, on-board camera for better monitoring and touchscreen display that needs just 4 taps to start printing. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Linux, Mac OS X operating systems and supports eight languages namely English, German, Japanese, French, Italian, Korean, Chinese and Czech. Moreover, it can make 3D models from 2D images, making the FlashForge Inventor 2 3D Printer totally a treat to discover and use.

FlashForge Inventor 2 Technical Specifications


Printing Technology
Fused Filament Fabrication [FFF]

Build Volume
150 L X 140 W X 140 H mm
[5.9 X 5.5 X 5.5 in]

Positioning Precision
XY: 11 microns [0.0004 in]
Z: 2.5 microns [0.0001 in]

Layer Resolution
50~400 microns
[0.0039~0.019 in]

Filament Diameter
Only PLA
1.75 mm [0.069 in]

Nozzle Diameter
0.4 mm [0.015 in]

Mechanical Dimensions

Frame & Body
Plastic Alloy

Extruder Quantity

Product Dimension
420 x 420 x 570 mm
[19.1 x 13.5 x 15.0in]

Software & Electrical


File Type
Input: STL,OBJ,3MF,FFP, Jpeg, BMP, Png,
Output: .g/.gx

Operating Systems
Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
Linux / Mac OS X

Wi-Fi, USB Cable, SD Card

Language Support
English/ German/ Japanese/ French/ Italian/Korean/Chinese/ Czech

Uses of FlashForge Inventor 2 3D Printer

The FlashForge Inventor 2 3D Printer offers advanced 3D printing solution to professionals and people belonging to different fields. It is a great printing tool that can convert 2D images into 3D models and thus, carries huge scope for artists, designers and hobbyists. It is perfect for personal, professional as well as commercial usage. Therefore, whether you are an independent artist or a design agency looking to create more flawless and charming 3D models, FlashForge Inventor 2 3D Printer is the right printer to bet for. It will bring you the results you are looking to achieve. It works well in all the genres and is the best printing partner for educational institutes, schools, colleges, personalised gifting industry, fashion designers, architects and all the fields where 3D printing is used extensively. The FlashForge Inventor 2 3D Printer can complete all the tasks related to 3D modelling and is compatible with genres that dot the world of 3D printing. So, do not think twice and just put your faith in this sophisticated printer from WOL-3D. It will surprise you with its versatility and you can make the most of its technology and features to accomplish a variety of projects.

Filaments Can Be Used With FlashForge Inventor 2 3D Printer

PLA+ , Multicolor, Wood Infil, Metal Infill, Glow In The Dark, Change In Temp, Marble Infill, Silk Fill, Ceramic infill, H-PLA, Twinkling, Carbon Fibre-PLA, TPU (Flexible)

Why you should buy FlashForge Inventor 2 3D Printer in India

The future belongs to 3D printing and this is the reason it is growing increasingly popular in India. So, all those who make use of 3D modelling and want to create more precise and perfect models must check out the FlashForge Inventor 2 3D Printer. This latest offering from WOL-3D will take your models to glorious heights with its flawless and famed printing. It is set to give your printing the edge it has been yearning for years and make printing a smooth sailing from beginning to the end. Using the FlashForge Inventor 2 3D Printer, you can make 3D models from 2D images and print simply by tapping the touchscreen display. You can track the printing in real-time through the on-board camera and transfer files in different formats through the Wi-Fi, USB cable or SD card. The whole printing process takes place in the most convenient and secure manner as the FlashForge Inventor 2 3D Printer is embedded with intelligent sensor door for safe operation. Fit for a variety of 3D models, this printer will help you explore new vistas. You can set your imagination free and create more innovative models using the powerful printing technology of this wonderful 3D printer from WOL3D.

FlashForge Inventor 2 3D Printer

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