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Creality Launches K1 3D Printer and Halot Mage series in India with WOL3D (Exclusively)

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WOL3D is India’s biggest consumer 3D brand with wide range of products and offices across India. They are the exclusive distributors of Creality 3D in India.

Creality is one of the biggest names in 3D printing and has been for the last five years. The Ender 3 is one of, if not the most successful 3D consumer-grade printer ever.. This year Creality is celebrating its ninth anniversary by releasing its newest flagship 3D printer, the K!, and a host of new products. 

Creality Launches K1 3D Printer and Halot Mage series in India with WOL3D (Exclusively). 

Looking very similar to the Bambu Lab X1 Carbon, or a Voron, the K1 is a CoreXY 3D printer, where the print area moves down as it prints, rather than in and out. This makes it very stable and allows printing at extremely high speeds. Creality says that the K1 and the K1 Max can print at speeds up to 600 millimeters per second — around 12 times faster, at least on paper, than the Ender 3, which prints at around 50mm/s.

The K1 Max is the upgrade to the K1 with a larger print area — 300 by 300 by 300mm as opposed to the K1’s 220 by 220 by 250mm — and some advanced features like lidar to correct your first layer and an AI camera that can detect errors in the print as it’s printing. These features are also available on the K1 as optional extras. 

Creality also announced several other 3D printers, laser cutters and other machines — too many to talk about them all in detail here. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Halot-Mage/Pro: A resin 3D printer dubbed “one of the fastest resin 3D printers on the market” with a helpful tilting lid.
  • Falcon 2 40-watt laser cutter: An update to Creality’s 22-watt laser etcher, capable of cutting more materials than ever.
  • CR-Scan Ferret: A handheld 3D scanner that’s very light, making it easy to scan without a turntable.
  • Sermoon D3 Pro: A dual-extrusion 3D printer designed to print industrial filaments such as metal-infused and water-soluble types.
Now you can buy Halot mage 3d Printer in india 

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