Printing Bed Size: 450*450*470 mm
Technology : FDM
Support Filament: PLA, TPU, PETG,Wood
Nozzle Diameter : Standard 0.4 mm, 0.8 mm
Heating Bed: Yes

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WOL3D once again feels proud to introduce Creality CR 10 Max in India, this is one of the most promosing product by creality.

Creality CR 10 MAX Advantages

【Massive Printing Volume】CR 10 MAX printing size is 450*450*470mm, larger than CR10 3D printer, super large molding size to meet diverse printing requirements

【Smooth Feeding】Bondtech gear extrusion structure designed, double drive gears for a strong thrust and high extrusion and feeding performance.

【Automatic leveling】Imported Bl Touch included for 16 points fast leveling, more friendly UI designed.

【Two Power Supplies Added】Two power supplies with wide voltage: Two power supplies for motherboard and hotbed by way of two-way output, synchronous power supply for the quick response and stable operation.

【More Stable Printing】 Golden triangle to reduce Z-axis vibration for high large-size printing precision; Y-axis double transmission belts and a double-axis motor with strong momentum for stable transmission and printing precision.

【Filament Sensor】Automatic suspension when materials run out, break up or run into other abnormalities for energy conservation and consumption reduction

【Imported Capricorn Bowden Teflon tube】Blue high-temperature resistant CapricornTeflon tube without being easily blocked for smooth feeding and printing efficiency

【Resume Printing Function】Automatically save printing records, continue printing after power-on for a high model printing success rate.


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Creality CR 10 MAX Parameters

ModelCR-10 Max
Molding technologyFDM(fused deposition molding)
Printing size450X450X470
Printing precision±0.1mm
Slice thickness0.1-0.4mm
Nozzle diameterStandard 0.4mm,0.8mm
Nozzle number1
Nozzle temperature≤250℃
Hotbed temperature≤100℃
Working modeTF card offline or online
File formatSTL,OBJ,amf
Slicing softwareCura、Simplify3D
Power supplyDouble power supply,mother board 75W,24V,input:100-240V AC,output:24V;hot bed power supply 750W,24V,input:100-240V AC,output:24V
Machine power750W
Printing materialPLA
Filament diameter1.75mm
Machine size650*785*735
Package Size735X735X305
XY axis position precision0.012mm
Z-axis position precision0.001mm
Screen4.3-inch touch screen
Control systemWindows XP/Vista/7/10 MAC Linux
Motor parameter42-40 stepper motor,42-34 stepper motor  Step angle1.8°
Additional information

Additional information


Creality, WOL 3D

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