Industrial grade 3D printers take manufacturing to the next level by providing commercial-quality prototypes and end-user products quickly.

They are becoming a go-to option for small-scale manufacturing of finished products and parts alike, helping businesses save money and innovate faster by printing real-world products directly from digital files. This is the need of the hour. 

A 3D printer needs the raw materials to transform designs into the final product. Some of the simpler materials, like polylactic acid, are inexpensive and versatile. More exotic materials – like PETG, carbon fiber or nylon – are more expensive, but they give results as required.

Using a 3D printer can help a small business in several ways. To start, the machine can manufacture parts and products of exceptional accuracy that might have previously been made by a contractor. Basically, if you can see it on the screen, a WOL3D 3D printer can make it.

Check out our range of Industrial grade 3D Printers which are a mix of world’s best Printers under one roof.


Manufacturer of Industrial Grade 3D Printer in India.

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X-Plus Large Size, Intelligent Industrial Grade 3D Printer


Flashforge Guider II 3D Printer


X-Max Large Size Intelligent Industrial Grade 3D Printer New Model


Flashforge Guider IIS 3D Printer


Hi Smart 250*300*400 Dual Extruder Nozzle Hotbed FDM 3D Printer with Resume Print


Flashforge Creator 3 Pro


Flashforge Creator 3


Flashforge AD1- Channel Letter 3D Printer


Ifast – Fastest 3D Printer in India with Dual Extruder and Large Print Size 360×250×320mm


Hi Smart 450*500*600 Metal Frame Dual extruder 3D Printer with Resume Print


Hi Smart 550*600*1000 Industrial grade 3D Printer with Resume Print


F430 High Temp Industrial 3D Printer


Creator 4 Series


D-600 Pro Industrial 3D Printer


Hi Smart ONE METER – Biggest 3D Printer in India