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World of Lilliputs TO WOL3D Journey

We had never planned to start a 3d Printing company and the idea came to us in January 2016 where we visited an exhibition in Mumbai and saw a live 3d printer.

One of our founders, Pradeep jain, he said “One machine can make anything, this is the future of technology” and that when we 3 started our research and analysis. We searched various websites , visited countries like China, Taiwan, UK and other few to meet manufacturers and get more in depth knowledge.

Finally the day had arrived, in April 2016 we launched our brand in India “ WORLD OF LILLIPUTS”, we started our work in a 350 sq ft space by making miniature of human, a replica of anyone. Brilliant concept and for this we bought some 3d Printers, scanners and raw material. We did events, exhibitions and promoted our brand. In few months we realized, this is just a drop in the ocean and a very small part of the 3D Printing Industry and that’s when we decided, Why not become the ocean.

We started searching for companies where we could become their Indian Partners and that’s when we signed our first contract with Flashforge. Who knew that time, we will become their exclusive partners in India.

October, 2016, We launched our new office of 3 stores and launched our new Brand Name “ WOL3D”. We kept Initials of our earlier brand name and added “3D” so that it is easier for people to recognize our products.

In December, thru Inside 3D exhibition – our 3D Printing ‘industry got to know that a new Brand was born in India and that was “WOL3D”

We always thought of making it big, with the right mix of quality products, Right marketing strategy, right exhibitions and branding, we are on our way of achieving our goals.

In April, 2017 is when we got our first Franchisee Office and that was Pune. This is the time when things changed for us and we knew, we are creating value for our resellers, customers and institutes.

Total, we are 8 offices in India, working with more than 100+ reputed resellers, shifted our head office to a bigger space of 5000 sq ft in Business Capital of India ie Mumbai. Our Total team strength increased to 35+ members.

We grew as a team and our founder, Rahul Chandalia, always believed in one thing “Collaboration is the next big thing”